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Veterinary Services

Emergency Services

We provide an on call 24 hour emergency service to facilitate our customers in times of need. If you are in need of emergency veterinary services, call Con on 01 214 0510.


Sandycove Veterinary Clinic offer vaccination for the treatment of worms and fleas for all animals. At this important stage in your pet’s life, all of our staff will be happy to give you expert advice on the health and welfare of your pet. We provide a full vaccination service for customers in Sandycove and throughout Dublin.

Micro Chipping

This involves the placing of a tiny microchip under the skin of your pet. Should your pet go missing, this chip can be used to trace you as the owner.

Dental Services

Dental care is very important for the health and happiness of your cat or dog. Sandycove Veterinary is one of South Dublin’s most reliable vet clinics for animal dental care.

Annual Boosters

Is it vital to give your vet an annual veterinary check up to ensure your pet is fit and healthy. Annual boosters are painless for your pet, and help to fight off contagious illnesses throughout the year. The staff at Sandycove Veterinary Clinic are expertly trained in the welfare of your pet.

Pet Grooming Service

Our Dublin based Veterinary Clinic provides a full and comprehensive grooming service. This includes hair treatments, nail clipping, ear clipping etc. Grooming is essential for many cats and dogs to ensure that your pet is healthy and happy.

Spaying and Neutering Service

Spaying / neutering of your pet is highly recommended to prevent future complications in your pets health. Please call our veterinary clinic to arrange an appointment for this procedure.

Cat Boarding

Planning your next holiday? Contact Sandycove Veterinary Clinic today to learn more about how could look after your cat while you’re away.

In-House Lab

We are ideally placed to offer you a comprehensive range of services due to our in-house lab. We offer full manual examinations, blood bio-chemistry and X-Ray.

Find Us

Lower Albert Road, Sandycove,
Co Dublin, Ireland

01 214 0510


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